November 14, 15 & 16, 2017
Highlands County Fairgrounds

What Is Ag-Venture

Ag-Venture is a three day program which provides a great opportunity for third graders to gain experience, understanding, and appreciation of our local agriculture.

Highlands County Ag-Venture, Inc. is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) that is funded entirely by donations. These donations cover the cost of materials for 14 stations, bus transportation, Ag-Venture t-shirts as well as cowboy hats for each student and lunches for the volunteers over the three days. Volunteers are key to our success. Over 150 volunteers are needed each day to make the program run smoothly. Agriculture commodity groups, businesses, organizations, and individuals join in a partnership to make Ag-Venture a fun, exciting, and educational experience for everyone involved.

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The Stations
To visit the stations click on the icon for that station.

Alligators: Students will learn about alligators in the wild and how they are farmed commercially.They
will get up close and personal with a baby alligator.

Beef: Students learn about the many by-products of a beef cow. They play Beef-o-Bingo and meet real cowboys.

Bees: Students learn about the importance of bees in agriculture. They are shown a “live hive” and the equipment to
harvest honey. Students get to find the Queen Bee, taste honey and make beeswax candles.

Caladiums: Students will learn how caladiums are grown, harvested, and shipped. They will plant a bulb
to take home.

Citrus: Students are shown many different types of citrus and given samples to taste. They squeeze and drink their
own orange juice and learn about citrus production, by-products, and its economic impact on our county.

Dairy: Students get up close and personal with dairy calves, see the types of feed they eat, learn about dairy
products, and how milk gets from the “cow to you.” They also make and taste their own butter.

Farm Animals: Students look at various types of farm animals. They learn about their care and
their value to man.

Forestry: Students are shown cross sections of trees and learn about the life of a tree as well as the importance
of forestry and controlled burns. They learn about the importance of forestry to wildlife as well as forestry by-products.
Each student gets to take home a pine sapling.

Grapes: Students will learn how grapes are grown and about the many by-products that come from them. They
will squeeze grapes and taste grape by-products.

Ornamental Horticulture: Students are shown the various methods of growing plants:
seeds, cuttings,and plant division. They learn what it takes to have a healthy plant and pot their
own plant to take home.

Poultry: Students learn about the poultry industry, egg production, and the use of eggs. They watch an omelet
being cooked and sample the results.

Strawberries: Students are shown how strawberries are grown on beds with a discussion on cold
protection and harvesting. They plant their own strawberry plant and make milkshakes.

Water & Soil Conservation:Students learn about the water cycle and how we can
all protect our waters from damaging runoff. They will make a water cycle terrarium.

Vegetables: Students learn how vegetables get from the farm to the grocery store. They talk about
the various parts of the plant that are edible and view a variety of seeds, plants, and vegetables.
They then plant their own mini-garden to take home.

We would like to give a special thanks to our Lunchtime entertainment for the children. Ray McIntyre, Sebring and Mike & Betsy Damboise, Zolfo Springs

The Program

♦ The program is Free to the schools and students.

♦ All public, private, and home schooled third grade students are included in the program.

♦ Upon arrival at Ag-Venture, each student receives a brightly colored cowboy hat to distinguish
their group. These hats set the mood and gets them ready for their Ag-Venture.

♦ Each student participates in 7 of the 14 hands-on learning stations.

♦ The 14 stations are placed in 2 different tracts with balance of animal and plant science in each.

♦ Agriculture commodity groups and local farmers are recruited to conduct workshops at each learning
station. The learning materials for these stations are provided jointly by donations and commodity groups.

♦ Volunteers are recruited to help with hands-on activities, and to be bus greeters, timers, cooks, or
servers for the volunteer lunches. Middle and high school FFA members volunteer as group leaders.

♦ Third grade teachers will receive curriculum and pre/post test that relate to the 7 stations in their tract
and meet Sunshine State Standards.

The Highlands County Ag-Venture Brochure

Ag-Venture Brochure

We now have a teacher's page to with links for curriculum, educational websites and on-line videos!

Teacher's Page

Ag-Venture Friends Letter (.pdf)

Volunteer/Support Sign-Up Form (.pdf)

The letter and Sign-up Form are pdf files you will need to print them and fill them out by hand.

A Tribute To Our Volunteers

Our Sponsors


Night Time Ag-Venture

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Highlands County Fair Grounds

4:30 - 6:30 Steak Dinner (dine-in or take-out)
Prepared by Highlands County Cattlemen
Rain or shine!
Tickets: $12.00 Adult
$6.00 Child

Menu: Steak, And All The Fixings

5:00 & 6:00 Guided tours of our 14 unique Ag–Venture Stations.

5:00- Join us for an evening of FREE live family entertainment.

This is our way of thanking Highlands County
for all of it’s support in making Ag-Venture possible.

Bring the whole family!


Steak Dinner Photos  Ag-Venture Photo Gallery

2016 Ag-Venture Has 4 Photo Galleries.

Tuesday Nov. 1  Tuesday Nov. 1, Steak Dinner

Wednesday Nov 2,  Thursday Nov. 3

For Further Information Please Contact;

Danielle or Darlene (863) 465-2313 or Judy (863) 655-0123
P.O. Box 818, Lake Placid, Fl 33862
E-mail Danielle at, or Darlene at


Back row L to R: Susie Bishop, Kiki Perez, Reese Martin, Chad Haneman, Barbara Bullard
Front row L to R: Donna Howerton, Laurie Howerton, Sharon Keiber, Judy Bronson,
Darlene Phyper, Danielle Daum, Christy Crews

Highlands County Ag-Venture was made possible through the cooperation of the donors and sponsors on the enclosed list and hundreds of volunteers. If your child enjoyed their day at Ag-Venture, please let these people know you appreciate their participation in the program.


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